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"Jenia seems to instinctively know exactly what the remedy is, and gently moves into the area of new perceptions needed for the Healing. In a beautiful kaleidoscopic way she combines the different Healing Technologies that is called for at the moment, transferring knowledge and new learnings, instilling Confidence and Courage to deal with what needs to be done, with a surety and absolute trust that all is - and will continue to be - really Safe and Well from now on, and into the Future."

Bitte Goldman, M.D, Senior Consultant,
Specialist in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine


"Jenia has not only a deep understanding of tissue work and injury treatment, but a deep understanding and wisdom about the spirit. I've had chronic whiplash pains after a road collision back in 2010 and I actually feel seen after years of physical therapy. The pain has almost disappeared after just four treatments. Thank you so much Jenia!"

Jonathan S., Denmark

"Jenia has a very unique style and a natural ability to connect to people and their circumstances. Her most recent workshop was a great experience and provided me with some insights and exercises I was able to take away and use in my daily life. Her kindness and care for all participants was remarkable. She was able to make a space for everyone and to bring forward perceptions, mindsets and practical exercises to enhance our physical, emotional and physical wellbeing." 

Tyson M., Ontario, Canada

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