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Everything starts with energy from an idea, an emotion, the heartbeat to disease. For example, if a person is suffering from chronic tension, addiction, or emotional imbalances, there is an energetic component. Healings can range from addressing a person’s pains (physical or otherwise), stresses, etc to assisting a person in letting go of old grievances/regrets, limiting beliefs and more. Sessions address, interrupt &/or neutralize the energy that perpetuates unwanted symptoms & common complaints.

Vibrant Healing and Bodywork also supports those who wish to take this idea to another level; for what goes beyond balance and wellbeing? What about taking steps towards realizing one’s potential or purpose in life? How can a person go from ‘taking one day at a time’ to ‘creating one day at a time’?

This is best for people who understand that they are the key to their own healing & are looking for support & assistance in making the desired changes. 

These sessions are offered in person where and when possible, otherwise at distance, through video or phone. For those asking how at-distance sessions are possible, keep in mind that energy is not limited to time and space.

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