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Jenia Tuscano

Healing Practitioner &
Licensed Massage Therapist

WA LMT# 60996700

Being exposed to healing and bodywork in her early childhood laid the foundation for Jenia to becoming a licensed massage therapist in 1996. Her life-long, keen interest in wellbeing and finding ways to bring a person, pet or space ‘back into balance’ has driven her to research many different healing modalities and understandings. It is using this wide array of ‘tools’ that allows each session to be custom-tailored according to what is needed at the point. She is passionate about offering real and lasting advancements in people’s lives by making available practical, easy-to-use tools and understandings for those who wish to take charge over their own wellbeing.


In addition to having had her own massage therapy and healing practices in Florida, New York, and most recently Washington State, Jenia has conducted workshops teaching simple massage and self-healing techniques and concepts in North America, Europe and the Middle East.


Pursuing interest ‘beyond the body’ wellbeing, Jenia has participated and has assisted in organizing seminars and researches through the entirety of her membership with Well Being Sciences ( since 2003. She is also a founder member of Feminenza International (2000) ( and has gone through its Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace (2010-2011) and Understanding and Managing Fear (2012) training programs.

And supporting her great interest in humanity and human purpose, she also is an active member of the Emin ( in North America since 1998.

Currently, Jenia lives in the Greater Seattle area of Washington, USA. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people; ever-learning about this amazing planet and its people. She stops in her tracks to snap pictures of scenic places, flowers and animals. 

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