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Frequently Asked Questions

“What can I expect in a healing session?”

This is a completely natural question. For every person a healing session will be different; that is because it is a live, in-the-moment response to the genuine need or want of a person. Stories, examples, analogies, the techniques used and suggestions offered vary from person to person, session to session.

By using kinesiology (aka muscle testing) and understandings about the systems of the human complex (the physical body as well as the energy fields and aura) and its needs for optimal functioning, each session addresses the whole of the healing recipient. This is done through conversation, assessing energetic levels, neutralizing or removing blockages, and rebalancing the energy systems.

“How does healing at distance work?”

Energy is constant. It is not bound by time and/or space. Most people discount everyday experiences that prove this; such as thinking of someone shortly before receiving a call or text from the person thought of, or ‘gut reactions’ that turn out to be true. These examples are not coincidence, they are examples of how energy works.

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